About The Thomas Centre

A little bit of history about The Thomas Centre.

Thomas was our second child and progressed marvelously until around 15 months.

Then he suddenly regressed beyond all recognition and at that point our lives changed.

With a range of diagnosis including epilepsy, autism, LKS, chronic bowel disorder (to name but a few) we decided as so many other parents do, that we had to do all in our power to maximise Thomas’s ability and well being.

"A big thank-you to Jan and Richard – The Thomas Centre allows our family to all have a break together – we could not do it without you – it really works here." Family from Essex

We also came to realise that we were still people in our own right and that we wanted to continue to enjoy a few of the good things in life. Good things like holidays in first class facilities, in an environment that was non judgemental and where we could relax and re-charge our own batteries for all the work and all the battles ahead.

"We loved our Mary's House so much, we thought about changing the locks, and staying forever, but honesty prevailed!" Family from London

Slowly we came to realise that all our friends, our new friends with children with special needs, felt exactly the same as we did. We wanted to enjoy some of the normal things in life that were eluding us, including first class holiday facilities.

Not so much a special needs centre, but

A place for the whole family, for the whole group.

"Fantastic place, Sam loved it and swam on his own for the first time"

Family from Wigan

So, when we moved to Lincolnshire with Richard's work, we bought a very redundant small farm with some very derelict and dilapidated barns. Six years later in 2006, we took the big leap and we started to build The Thomas Centre. Jan took on a whole new role, managing our new business.

Now completing our ninth year, we are proud to have received the responses from so many visitors and organisations that have enjoyed what we set out to do... to provide a five star holiday facility in a safe and non-judgmental environment.


Richard & Jan 

September 2015