Autism, Aspergers & ADHD friendly Holidays

Inclusion is at the centre of what we provide as a holiday resource.

Holidays are anxious times for everyone and especially for adults with Autism, Aspergers or ADHD.
Many like routines or rituals and social interaction is a common difficulty. Often the physical space can be a real problem in a new situation and this can highlight issues with gross and fine motor skills.

To many, these complexities and the need for space restricts the options available for suitable holiday venues. The result can often be that such restrictions have the effect of excluding those who most need a holiday.

"A 'one –off' for autism holidays, provided by dedicated parents"

Family from Harrogate

Here, everyone is free to roam in the wide open spaces, the 25 acres of parklands, private woods and grounds. We are a third of a mile from the nearest road so we have no traffic concerns. Strollers can stroll, walkers can walk and runners can run without fear or hindrance!

We have no neighbours for as far as the eye can see and we have no noise concerns. All our properties have exceptionally high acoustic panel insulation, so we manage noise between properties to the best of our abilities.

For those who need set routines but want to avoid travelling off site, we have lots of facilities from which to choose and to plan your day.

A typical plan for “a no car day” could look like the following:

        9 am - Go for an early morning walk through the woods.
      10 am - Back to the house for a Brunch Breakfast!
      11am - Go to Josie’s Corner and play some games, practice some life skills in the fully fitted kitchen.
      12 noon - Go swimming  for a private session in the indoor heated swimming pool.
      1pm - Stop for lunch
      2.30 pm - Go for a walk around the pond and enjoy the natural wildlife.
      3.30 pm - Play football on the football pitch
      4.30 pm - Go to the Play barn for skittles, pool and table football
      5.50 pm - Stop for tea

A simple plan for a lovely day on holiday at The Thomas Centre!