Frequently Asked Questions

We have tried to cover most general points here, but please do not hesitate to call.

We will always answer any concerns that you may have, openly, honestly and in confidence.

Please bear in mind that we have to keep in mind the safety of all our guests.

In this respect, we will always try our best to ensure that this is the right destination foryour holiday before a booking has been made.


Book your holiday food shopping on line and have it delivered to your holiday home, say 2 hours after your planned arrival time.

This de-stresses your car  if you normally bring your food with you or it saves your valuable holiday time as you do not have to go off to town to buy in food  for dinner!

Richard & Jan

Q. Do you only accept bookings for people with special needs and their carers?
A. We accept bookings for mainstream visitors also. As we only advertise in specialist magazines and web sites for those with special needs, by far the majority of our visitors are from these communities.

Q. Can I not book on-line?

A. You can make an online booking request. If you are a returning customer, we will confirm your booking promptly. If you are a first-time visitor, your booking will only be confirmed once we have spoken with you.

Q. I am a first-time visitor. Why do you need to speak with me before accepting my booking?

A.  Our service is a very personal matter for our customers. We need to be certain we can meet your needs and we do this by talking through your requirements directly with you. We also need to be sure that we can meet your expectations from your holidayThis is why we handle all bookings personally and ensure we provide the right property for you and the people you care for.

Q. Do you exclude anyone from coming to The Thomas Centre?
A. We will always do our best to meet everyone’s needs. However, we have to be realistic and we must always consider the safety of all our guests, so there can be exceptional occasions when we must advise that this may not be a suitable venue for everyone. For example, if you need to have locked rooms or padded rooms, I am afraid we must respectfully say no.

Q What are my arrival and departure times?
A. Check in is after 3pm on day of arrival and check out is before 10am on day of departure.

Q. Are there any other costs for use of the pool etc?
A. No, all facilities on site are free of charge (except for any beauty treatments booked in addition to your holiday).

Q. Is linen provided?
A. All bed linen and bathroom towels are provided.

Q. Will I need to bring towels?
A. Yes, you will need to bring your own towels for the swimming pool and the beach.

Q. Do you have specialist equipment such as hoists, mobile shower chairs etc?

A. Yes we have a good range of specialist equipment, just call us to discuss your needs. By the way, we do not make any additional charges for then use of our equipment as we do not believe we should charge anyone for their disability.

Q. Do we allow pets?
A. Unfortunately, we do not allow pets. There are reputable kennels nearby for local boarding and we can let you have details on request. If you are the owner of a registered assistance dog, then please contact us for more details.

Q. We have problems with bed-wetting at night.
A. Mattress protectors are fitted to all beds. If bedwetting is an issue, we do ask you to bring your own duvet cover, sheets and pillow slips. Please do not be shy if you want to discuss this with us: we have seen it all before!

Q. Do you provide baby-sitting services or respite care?
A. No, we are not registered for these services.

Q. We are worried about breakages as our child is very clumsy.
A. We are quite happy to remove any items of concern prior to or upon your arrival. Just discuss your concerns with us and we will do our best to reduce this worry.

Q. Do the holiday homes have DVD players?
A. Yes. We also have a small library of DVDs which you can borrow free of charge. We are happy to remove the DVD player prior to your arrival if you wish.

Q. Do you have internet access?
A. Yes. We have recently up-graded our WiFi access for all of our properties. However, as with any other holiday facility, we cannot absolutely guarantee line connection quality.

Q. Our son is “a runner”/ “an escape artist” and I am concerned about losing him.
A. The park is a third of a mile from the village road and we are on a private lane with no neighbours. The surrounding area is completely flat and with excellent visibility (except for the private woods).  To date, we have not had a situation that has caused concern, but please discuss any matters with us, so we can recommend the most suitable property for your holiday.


Q. Can we bring our bicycles?
A. We do have several available for your use, and yes you are welcome to bring your own. We have a long private drive, ideal for practising, and the surrounding roads are flat and ideal for cyclists. For the more serious cyclists, this is perfect practice country for those looking to raise their game!

Q. Is the swimming pool heated and what chemicals are in use?
A. The pool is heated to a very comfortable 30ºC and we use chlorine for hygiene control. The pool is monitored daily.

Q. Why can we not use the pool whenever we want to, during our stay?
A. We book the pool out to you on a daily basis and we agree the times each day to suit your personal holiday diary. However, safety is our overriding concern, so for this reason we have to have a strict safety regime in place. This is centred on full control on who is planning to access the pool and when. The big benefit of this approach is that you have the luxury of your own pool, exclusively for the use of your family or group.

Q. Can I smoke/vape?
A. Our estate is smoke free except for a designated smoking area by the car park. Otherwise, sorry, but smoking is not permitted in the holiday homes and generally this is a non-smoking site.

Q. Are there hospitals nearby?
A. Yes, we have a hospital at Louth, 7 miles to the south and Grimsby, 9 miles to the north.

Q. When can we see the seals at Donna Nook?
A. The seals start to arrive in late October, and they usually depart by the end of December. Last year over 2,200 cubs were born on the beach and it is a marvellous sight.

Q. Are there shops nearby?
A. There are no shops in our village. There are two good McColls shops within a few miles of The Thomas Centre. Louth (6 miles) has a great selection of independent shops and some small supermarkets, whilst Waltham has the nearest Tesco (7 miles).

Q. Can I get my groceries delivered to my holiday home?
A. Yes, all the major retailers will all deliver to The Thomas Centre. When booking groceries on line, please specify the name of your holiday home on your order.

Q. Are there places to eat where we can feel comfortable with all of our family/group?
A. Yes there are plenty of places to eat and drink at reasonable prices within a few miles of The Thomas Centre. Please see our listings under Things to do/Restauarants. We are always happy to advise you of the most suitable locations to suit your needs when you are here on holiday.

Q. I need to plan our timetable in full detail before we arrive. My child/person I care for needs a plan and gets very anxious?

A. A regular issue for our clients. Please see the Information sheet “21 things to do” and the Onsite Facilities tab and we regularly advise schools and groups on planning best use of their time here. Please just ask, we love to help.

Q. Why do you not have a sauna/hot tub/sand pits on site?

A. We have considered many such additions but for health and safety reasons have decided against such additions. That said, we are regularly adding new features to the estate, features suitable for all, such as our new “one mile footpath”.