Accommodation Overview

We have tried hard to make everything as easy as possible for you to have a fantastic holiday.

"Beautiful accommodation, excellent facilities, brilliant location"

Heath Farm, Autism Care


Our Houses

Victoria's House

Three bedroom house sleeping up to 6 [read more...]

Mary's House

Two bedroom house, sleeping up to 4 [read more...]

Janet's House

Two bedroom house, sleeping up to 4 [read more...]

Our Bungalows

Sullivan’s Lodge

Three bedroom bungalow, sleeping up to 6 [read more...]

Andrew’s Lodge

Two bedroom bungalow, sleeping up to 4 [read more...]

Warren's Lodge

Two bedroom bungalow, sleeping up to 4 [read more...]

Pear Tree Lodge

Four bedroom bungalow sleeping up to 8 [read more...]

Lizzie's Lodge

Four bedroom bungalow, sleeping up to 8 [read more...]


All the properties at The Thomas Centre have previously been audited by Visit Britain (2009 -2012).

All are fitted out to the 5 star standard throughout, our bungalows were awarded 5 star status and our houses, 4 star.

(the only reason that our houses were not awarded 5 star was due to one of the bedrooms not being of the prescribed size)

Our bungalows were also audited for disabled access and we were awarded the “Level M2 standard for disabled access”.

This means they offer exceptional standards for those with mobility impairment, where good wheelchair access is essential.

The properties all have an individual feel to them and all the fittings are of the highest standard.

Wide screen TV’s with Freeview and DVD players, good quality CD players and internet throughout (BT permitting that is!)

Subtle dimmer controlled lighting comes as standard throughout all our properties.

Leather suites, hardwood tables and chairs provide a luxury feel.

Kitchens are fully fitted with every utensil you could possibly require.

Bathrooms are huge and luxurious and all bathrooms have separate showers and full sized baths.

A moment of bliss as you lay back and enjoy a wonderful bath in beautiful surroundings!

"The view from the houses is just stunning even in winter, and the properties are just the best!"

Family from London

Best of all are the wonderful uninterrupted views.

Waking up in the morning to all the wide open spaces is just sublime.

Not a neighbour in sight for as far as the eye can see, you could get used to this very quickly!

Staying in pyjamas for as long as possible becomes a competition of wills for many!

Full access statements are available on request.