Meet the team

The Thomas Centre Team


The Inspiration!

After five years of home-education, Thomas was a student at St Elizabeth’s College in Much Hadham, Herts. Our family experiences around Thomas are the motivation behind our project and he now lives in supported living in Hertfordshire.



In earlier years, Jan was Thomas’s home teacher for five years. A practitioner rather than a theorist, with lots of hands-on experience especially in the field of "Language through Reading". Now? Like all women, multi-skilled, multi-talented and most of the time, just wants to get the job done! 


Finance and Strategy

The man behind the scenes and working full time in the food industry to help pay for the dream! Can often be seen at weekends helping with DIY tasks and occasionally extending his social skills at the Mill House at the end of our drive! Passionately believes that parent networks often provide the best advice and support to families like ours.

Lizzie & James

Social Networking (Facebook, Twitter etc)

Lizzie is Thomas’s “big sister”, a teacher living in Lincoln and married James, a data scientist. Lizzie has grown up with the development of our project all around her and helped and supported us in so many ways. Now we are delighted to have James join the "back office" team, helping support our IT resources. 

The Thomas Centre Team

The full team!

Our properties are kept to the highest standards and we could not do it without our crew. With up to 42beds to change every Friday and Monday, and about 12 acres of grass parklands to be kept mown, there is always something to be done here!
Thank you Team!