The Learning Experience

By helping you put together your daily timetable in advance, your SEN school field trip can also provide the perfect basis for your lesson planning, prior to your trip and indeed after the trip.

"This has been amazing. Such a good place for people who are often misunderstood because of their needs.

Thank you so very much"

Derbyshire Youth Centre

With our local knowledge, we are pleased to help you get the most out of your field trip and we are happy to help you with more specific planning as required.

Within a short drive of the Thomas Centre we have a great choice of attractions for school field trips:

  • Traditional and working windmills
  • Wind farms - an ideal basis for discussing renewable energy
  • RAF and flight museums and visitor centres
  • Steam railways - miniature and full size!
  • Nature Reserves, seal sancturies and wildlife parks
  • An amazing aquarium
  • Beaches and coastal walks and even a "cloud bar" the only one in the UK!

"We have had such a wonderful time here and we have done things with T that we never would have expected him to do. We will take these new learnings back to his home unit and use this as the new platform from which to develop his skills still further."

The Hesley Group

Not everything has to be done “off site”.

There are so many choices to make full and interesting daily diary plans, without going near the school mini-bus!

Josie’s Corner is a large well equipped room which can be made available to you for your exclusive use by prior arrangement.

Complete with a fully fitted plan kitchen, this room is very flexible and provides lots of opportunities for schools and groups.

The tables can be organised for communal dining as a group or split up for one to one learning sessions as required.

There is a music system for dance parties and a widescreen TV for big events such as our now famous "New Years Eve Party!"

Why not give us a call to discuss the possibilities?

 Just give Jan  a call on 01507 363463.