Sensory Impaired Holidays

If you are supporting people with sensory impairment or cerebral palsy, this could be the ideal location for an individual or a group holiday.

"Alex was safe to roam and the girls loved the chance to relax"

Carers from Nottinghamshire

The importance of a safe environment cannot be under-estimated: it is a crucial component for the success of any holiday.

This is especially the case for those who are affected by any form of sensory impairment such as cerebal palsy,  a loss of sight or a hearing impediment.

Everyone needs a safe environment, if they are to benefit from a relaxing holiday.

We have had many such visitors to The Thomas Centre and visitors find the privacy and seclusion of the holiday park provides an immediate sense of security and well-being.

We have no traffic on site and car movements are limited to the main driveway.

Visitors tell us they feel a great sense of independence and that this holiday has given them new memories to savour.

In the grounds we also have dedicated landscaped sensory garden areas with raised flower beds throughout.

There are ground level pebble beds and sheltered seating area’s with magnificent un-interrupted views in every direction.

Set in a completely rural location, we also have all the sounds of nature, especially in the early mornings and at dusk.

We are just 20 minutes from the Lincolnshire Coast, with seaside towns and villages

and un-populated beaches, stretching for miles.