Sports facilities

What is the connection between Louth and Greenwich?

Louth has just proudly opened a stunning new leisure facility, known as The Meridian Centre .

(Why the name “Meridian”? Because Louth lies on the Greenwich Meridian Line of 0º … not a lot of people know that!).

With a state of the art 25 metre eight lane swimming pool the Meridian centre boasts fantastic sports facilities for all.

Outstanding sports facilities for the disabled with a fully equipped fitness suite.

For those who like to indulge themselves, there is a large leisure pool (complete with a large flume).

Steam rooms, sauna rooms and an excellent café area.

The Meridian is available on a “pay as you go” basis so is ideal for holiday makers to The Thomas Centre.


For water sports and in our own village we have Covenham Reservoir.

Just a mile away, the Covenham Sailing Club is based on a large man made reservoir which has a perimeter of around three miles.

Some time ago, it won a Sport England grant and offers a facility for a wide range of water based sporting activities.

If you are thinking of bringing your boat (as two visitors have already done) please contact the club or us directly.


Ice Skating

At Grimsby Leisure Centre there is an ice skating rink which has numerous sessions throughout the week for you and your party to enjoy.